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Steering of the council

Session & call

The council calls and manage regular and extra meeting and the whole meeting days should be within 100 days. However, if it is necessary, it can be extended by the main meeting

  • The regular meeting (2 time a year)

    The 1st regular meeting opens on June 20 each year. However, the 1st regular meeting in the general election year can be changed to September or October. the 2nd meeting opens November 25 each year by the council chairman.

  • The extra meeting (any time)

    The extra meeting should be called by the local head or 1/3 members for special agendas.

The main meeting

Plenary meeting is composed of all members of the council and final decision is made at this meeting. In general, when the words such as resolution, appointment, agreement and decision are used, it refers to plenary meeting.

  • Opening

    More than 1/3 members attending

  • Voting

    Except special cases, it is voted by major members attending and major members agreement of attending members.(The chairman has a voting right. If is the same number, it is considered disagreement)

  • The principle of open meeting

    It is principle that the meeting should be opened to the public. However, by the 2/3 members agree or the chairman, it should not be opened for keeping order.

  • The principle of continuing of meeting

    The bill which submitted to the council cannot be abolished during the session even it is not voted. However, the term of members is expired, it can be.

  • The principle of prohibition against double jeopardy

    The bill which denied by the council cannot be proposed or submitted in the same session

Standing committee

Standing committee is installed within the council for the purpose of reviewing various kinds of agenda in a professional and efficient way. If the chairman deems it necessary or more than a third of the registered members demand, the meeting can be held.
However, the committee can hold the meeting to review agenda if the committee decided to do so during the closing period, chairman deems it necessary or head of district office office demands.

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Standing committee - committee, work
Steering committee
  • Matters about managing council
  • Matters about council office
  • Matters about rules of meeting and managing council
Administration & construction
  • Matters about dir. of audit
  • Matters about bureau of administration
  • Matters about bureau of planning & finance
  • Matters about bureau of construction & traffic
Welfare & city committee
  • Matters related to office of welfare and education
  • Matters related to office of urban environment
  • Matters related to public health clinic

Special committee

Special committee may be established and operated by resolution at the council for the purpose of reviewing and handling special agenda, if necessary.
The special committee remains until the decision is made at the plenary meeting and the term of the members ends when the committee is dismantled.

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Special committee - committee, work
Special committee on budget & settlement
  • Matters about budget & settlement of district office.