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  • Voting rights

    It is the most important authority of the local council. It is the right to make a decision on matters at the local government or council level.

    • Enactment, revision and abolition of bylaws
    • Deliberation and determination on budget
    • Approval for settlement
    • Installation and operation of funds
    • Imposition and collection of fee, contribution, local tax and membership fees except for the amount stipulated in applicable laws
    • Acquisition and disposal of major properties
    • Installation, management and disposal of public facilities
    • Obligation or waiver not related to budget except for matters specified in laws and bylaws
    • Handling of claims
    • Matters related to exchanges and cooperation with foreign local governments
    • Others that are under the authority of the council in accordance with applicable laws
    • Change or new establishment of local government office
    • Other matters under applicable laws
  • Right to conduct administration audit

    Audit on overall affairs of the municipal organizations
    Conduct of audit for less than 9 days during the regular meeting period every year

  • Right to investigate administration

    Right to investigate a certain affair decided by local council
    Exercise the right as needed when decision is made at the plenary meeting.

  • Autonomy

    Right to establish and run local council without any interference or involvement of external organizations such as the state and enforcement body based on self regulation.

    • Convening temporary meeting, holding temporary meeting, adjournment, closing and determination of meeting period
    • Establishment of rules on the operation of council including rules about meeting
    • Composition of members and right to propose agenda
    • Selection of chairman and vice chairman and right and right to non-confidence vote
    • Right to make decision on the qualification and punishment of members
  • Right to handle claims

    Right to handle claims which are submitted by local resident based on the recommendation by more than one council members
    (However, if the contents of the claims interfere with trial or are against applicable laws, this right cannot be exercised.)

  • Right to submit documents

    Right to request the submission of documents related to audit, investigation, and agenda review to the head of relevant groups for the purpose of monitoring affairs of enforcement body and smooth operation of agenda review.

  • Right to demand attendance and right to ask questions

    The plenary meeting or committee of the local council have the right to demand attendance of head of relevant organizations and government officials to ask questions regarding execution of administrative works and review of agenda.