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Function and position


Council is composed of members elected by residents and is an organization representing residents where major issues are deliberated and decided. In addition, it has the function of legislative body as it establishes bylaws, which are the law of council and plays the role of making a final decision on important matters. In addition, council serves as a monitoring body which monitors enforcement organization to make sure that the organization is enforcing administrative rules in an appropriate and reasonable manner.

  • Executive organ
    • Demand bill submission like regulations, demand meetings
    • Demand concerned officials attending for deliberation regulation and bills
  • Council
    • Audit and inspection of administration works / legislation and abolition of regulations
    • Deliberation and vote of budget / accept and deal of petitions
  • Inhabitants
    • election / petition / appeal
    • Noticed about result


  • Representative

    The local council is the representative of the inhabitants opposed to the local head as an executive organ, and also is the decision organ, the legislative organ, and the control.

  • Voting organ

    It can establish and reorganize the regulations. And it can approve acquisition and disposition of important properties, and acceptance and treatment of petition, etc. according to other laws.

  • Legislative organ

    The local council has right to legislate and manage other matters about regulations which are laws for local government.

  • Monitoring organ

    As the representative of the inhabitants, it has right to monitor and control the state of administrative execution, and it is embodied through the right of inspection and investigation.